New Home Electrification Puts the Heat on Cooking with Gas

Why home electrification is cooking with gas

Australia is heating up its efforts to electrify homes, with gas-powered appliances facing bans in new homes. Both Victoria and the ACT have announced bans on gas connections in new homes, set to begin in 2024. The City of Sydney is also investigating similar measures, following the lead of councils in NSW.

Why Electrify?

A survey revealed that 55% of Australians support this transition. Advocates cite health and sustainability benefits, but critics argue it may strain electricity grids.

Impact on Home Prices

The impact on home prices is expected to be minimal. The shift to all-electric homes may slightly increase initial costs, but the demand for such homes is growing, potentially compensating through higher resale values.

Advantages Beyond Price

Innovations like induction cooktops and electric water heaters offer instant heat, challenging traditional gas advantages. Solar panels and emerging battery technologies make homes self-sufficient, reducing reliance on power grids. Research by Rewiring Australia estimates households can save $3,000 to $5,000 annually by switching to total electrification.

Industry Adoption

Developers like Lendlease, Frasers Property Australia, Cbus Property, and GPT are leading by example, committing to gas-free kitchens in new developments by 2030.

Environmental and Health Benefits

Electrification aligns with state and territory net-zero emissions targets. Gas contributes about 17% of Victoria’s emissions, making electrification more environmentally friendly. Gas stoves also cause health problems, contributing to childhood asthma.

Gas Still Present

Despite concerns, gas remains crucial in Australia’s energy mix, powering over five million homes in 2022, about 17% of total consumption.

Incentives for Change

To encourage the shift away from gas, governments are offering incentives. For instance, the Victorian government provides grants for solar panels, solar hot water, and heat pumps. The federal government is offering affordable loans for energy efficiency upgrades, like solar panels.

Taking the Lead

Australia has an opportunity to lead in clean energy use. Rooftop solar is widespread, and enquiries like the one initiated by NSW Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg are essential to drive further change.


Did You Know?

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