Astra Green Solutions: Pioneering Australia's Electrification Movement

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Australia’s Top Cities on Track to Ditch Gas Stoves

Australia’s transition away from gas is gaining momentum. Recently, both the City of Sydney and the City of Melbourne have taken significant steps towards phasing out the use of gas stoves. By joining the Global Cooksafe Coalition (GCC), these cities have committed to a future focused on kitchen electrification.

Astra Green Solutions Leading the Way

As a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability, Astra Green Solutions is at the forefront of this electrification movement. As one of Australia’s largest approved providers, we are committed to providing quality products, from heat pumps and air conditioners to solar and battery solutions. And soon we’re excited to release induction stovetops, with even bigger ambitions on the horizon, including EV chargers and more.


The City of Sydney’s Commitment


The City of Sydney aims to build no council facilities with fossil fuel connections by 2030 and phase out all fossil fuel use in their buildings by 2040. Their commitment aligns with Astra Green Solutions’ mission to reduce fossil fuel reliance and transition to renewable electricity in homes and businesses.


Melbourne’s Path to Zero Carbon


Meanwhile, the City of Melbourne’s Retrofit Melbourne plan is set to help all council buildings become “zero carbon ready” by 2040. This initiative is a positive step towards a greener, more sustainable future, which resonates with Astra Green Solutions’ commitment to providing eco-friendly solutions.


The Global Cooksafe Coalition (GCC)


The GCC is a global alliance advocating for the complete phase-out of gas cooking by 2045. By supporting this initiative, the City of Sydney and the City of Melbourne are joining a movement driven by health, energy efficiency, cost savings, and climate benefits. Astra Green Solutions, with its wide range of energy-efficient solutions, stands with these cities in promoting a cleaner, healthier future.


Time for Bold Action


Astra Green Solutions applauds the efforts of the City of Sydney and the City of Melbourne. Now, we call on governments at all levels to recognise the urgency of these vital reforms. Together, we can lead Australia’s transition to a more sustainable, electrified future.


*Source: [9News]


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